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Ok I have an actual idea now that I might settle with
Gingerbread Krampus that punishes the naughty with burning hot peppermint claws
I'm not at all satisfied with the design atm (the anatomy and proportions def need work), gonna mess around with it more prolly

Ty Walmart for selling Limited Edition Frosted Gingerbread Flavored Poptarts ™ 3 months after Christmas that was very inspirational
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Hey! i know there where less than 24hs since my last post, but i consider this update significant enough to warrant its own post. mainly cause of how much i tried to delevop the quality of the art itself and it may serve to explain some of the inspirations of the desing once more.

using this funny image

Again, and as alway, thanks for the support and feedback :3


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Edit: Preliminary colors.


Thanks to BobTheSeagullKing, DrifblooomCF, FelisLicht, MrDollSteak, NoahIOTJ, and Sunfished for feedback!




I'm focusing on this design at the moment given the direction of competitive discussion. As we get more information, I might switch to one of the other designs or come up with something new.

Will draw the rings around the figure once I get the design ironed out.

Thanks to the following people for feedback! Mintly, Mos-Quitoxe, StephXPM, Sunfished

New inspirations:
Also, by coincidence, it ended up getting some orrery/solar system design elements.
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Hi! kinda new here so apologies if I format something here wrong
here's a concept sketch I had when I first saw the whole "fire/fairy with average/below average stats", went with a relatively simple design but might add more stuff on the final submission, or change it as more details are available

inspired by the bakeneko, will o wisps, and fairies in a bottle (combined with the fact that cats do kinda do this stuff lol)

EDIT: editing this so I don't end up hogging the thread by doubleposting in a single day
added a few extra doodles with some other ideas that could fit the theme, in case the cat doesn't work well with the stats or abilities

my favorite so far is probably the golem,def my kinda scrimblo
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I def didnt realize just now that i should just better do new posts than updating thr old ones
Colored sketch! I still have a lot to do, finding a balance between the fire and fairy aspects of the design, not making it look bug or flying type, updating it with the stats and abilities in the future, and of course, not making it look like a goldfish :)

Ight, change of plans... now I have some sorta newt/lizard made of lava coming out of a jack-in-the-box. I just liked the design better, shading and such will come later, just giving a basic drawing for now, and yes, the box is on it's back


Three Fire Fairies.JPG

Here are three Fire/Fairy ideas: a special attacker in the upper left, a defensive mon in the upper right, and a physical attacker in the bottom! I did these all with pencil (and eraser), so please forgive the smudges. I'll colour in and better outline any final submissions! There's a fair chance I'll have to scrap or heavily modify any of these designs the moment abilities are decided.

Upper left Fire/Fairy is a more generic fairy-fakemon design of mine, based on a Dark/(Light/Fairy) fakemon I'd made more than a decade ago. The flames for wings and antennae ends are a nice touch, though!

Upper right Fire/Fairy is based on marshmallows and cupcakes with flaming candles on top.

Bottom Fire/Fairy is mainly inspired by the flames-with-holder-holes weapons in its hands with the fighting pose to match. The design is vaguely based on another Dark/(Light/Fairy) fakemon I'd made more than a decade ago, which was similarly also a dual wielder of identical (enough) weapons. The crevasse on this mon's chest is inspired by the crags on coal and charcoal. This one has angel wings made of fire magic.
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Got three ideas here, wanna know what you all think and which is your favourite.

The left is a Witch Oven, basically the hag from hansel and gretel. It's a big oven with a witchy cloak and the smoke from up top forms the witch's head/hat. Inside the oven are... friends of hers. In the witch's cloak she's holding a bunch of firewood to keep the oven burning with mystical energy. Fairy because fairytale and fire because oven.

The middle are Bomb Pinatas, I'm not sure if having a number of them is what I want but I think it makes them more chaotic. Basically, these are traditional pinatas (plus a classic donkey one) which are full of sparks and explode when they get too excited/hit too hard. Fairy because of the fun/colourful aspect of pinatas and fire because explosions.

The right is a Glass Angel, glass being both magnifying glass and glass of wine (or, because its a kids game, special nectar/ambrosia). The ring is meant to resemble the classic wheel-of-eyes type of angels, with the goblet in the middle being because of the idea of communion wine. Fairy because of angels and fire because of how magnifying glasses can be used to set stuff alight (I picture it boiling the nectar for weird effects).

Let me know wat one you think is the best and/or any changes you'd like!

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Monk update~ made a lot of minor changes, notably refining shapes and adjusting colors. Also in addition to macaques in hot springs and incense censers as inspiration, adjusted design to better reflect inspo of Six-Eared Macaque from Journey to the West -- trickster type who impersonates sun wukong (@ infernape another fire monkey ) and is ultimately trapped under a golden alms bowl.


It shall rest here in peace. Forever, if you wish.
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This is as much an update as it is a poll - as much as I've tried not to invest in any concept too much I'm not sure which would do the best, so I've taken the opportunity to refine each idea more and put them through a colour pass. As a reminder of what each concept is:

- Little Matchstick Girl hedgehog who sees visions through her fire
- Pyrotechnical circus elephant who generates fire from his trunk, headwear and feet to do tricks
- Cheese tax fondue pot "hellhound" who comes for your cheese dues instead of your soul

Full resolution images here.

Feedback and opinions greatly appreciated!


im dying squirtle
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witch nekomata, now a calico, still stands strong! i love calicos and that pretty pattern really does lend to fairy a whole lot, while not being ambiguously dark or ghost-y!
i also have 2 other designs here in the back just in case abilities go crazy: a chocolate fondue fairy and a porridge-based oven/pot/bowl goldilocks bear family (thanks parental bond talk)


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playing around with different dress things since the last one kinda sucked. would love opinions on which one yall like:
  1. top is more like a stylized version of fire, using shapes that are similar to the halo's triangles. not tooooo sold on this one, but it does fit the most with the other simplistic parts of the overall design. also looks like a "summoning" effect like from jrpg's, which is funny for the angel idea.
  2. left changes the dress to more like an open cloak. i'd imagine it makes the design feel more regal in appearance, which may or may not fit the vision i have of it being an angel. might feel a bit too princess-like for my tastes, but it does allow the focals of the design to stay in the front, and the flames being more of a background element.
  3. right is similar to the old one, just much larger with more chaotic flames. it strikes a contrasting difference between it and the more "orderly" thing going on with the halo, which might help play into the concept of the rebirth thing ive mentioned in my previous post. kind of like how life is chaotic (the fire), and when it becomes an angel it's peaceful (the halo)

some other changes im moving forward with compared to the last one:
  • removed the "wing" part of the arm and made it much simpler to fit in with the back wing things.
  • also made the back wing things much larger.
  • added a bottom part to the tiara thingy so it makes a diamond, which accents with the other stuff in the design being somewhat diamond-y. not too keen on the side parts to the head, so ill most likely remove it.
  • changed the eyes a bit so that it's not too boring, still playing around with it tho

AND MORE!! (there're cute expressions)

cool asymmetry update!! there's not much to do until ability comes along after this i suppose
Although: Which proportions do you prefer? the ones from the previous post or this one?
and other renditions?
The fox has been pokemon-ified!!
The firefox is a mythical creature which appears like a black fox at day, but at night its fur sparks with flame.
Auroras are created when its tail strikes the snow :)

Probably will adjust the colors to be the more reddish-yellow type auroras, since this version doesn't particularly look like a fairy type :P
Bonus sketches from the designing process
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My bird became a lesbian! (good for her, good for her)

in all seriousness i wanted to experiment with more color combinations to make the desing a bit more unique in its color scheme.
i think the pink tone i chose synergizes well with both black and orange.

i added some simple patterns to the wings (ressembling a bit more of the pheasant crow), and the glowing eye now has a flame coming out of it to give a bit more detail and dynamism.

i also reduced slightly the size of the head so it looks a bit more "adult" than in previous desings.

as always any feedback is appreciated and thank everyone who helped the desiGn come along nicely!
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